Friday, May 18, 2012

Ultimate Avengers - 2-DVD Set - Cartoon Collection

Available Now: Ultimate Avengers - 2-DVD Set 
Includes Ultimate Avengers: The Movie and Ultimate Avengers 2

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Ultimate Avengers - The Movie (2006)

A world in crisis. Age-old enemies on the verge of attack. A mighty team is recruited, and Earth's ultimate hero is sought to lead them- Captain America. Unfortunately, he's been frozen in ice for over sixty years. Inspired by Marvel's best-selling books, "The Ultimates," this is the extraordinary story of six very independent heroes who, like it or not, must fight as one to save the world. Little did they know that their biggest threat would emerge from within their very own ranks- The Incredible Hulk!

Ultimate Avengers 2 (Rise of the Panther) (2006)

To save humanity, the Earth's mightiest heroes must reunite for a rematch of heroic proportions. Mysterious Wakanda. It lies in the darkest heart of Africa, unknown to most of the world. An isolated land hidden behind closed borders, fiercely protected by its young king - the BLACK PANTHER. A king hold the fate of the entire earth in his hands. Because brutal alien invaders are coming, soon to fill every sky and control every land, seeking what is buried beneath ancient Wakanda. That leaves the Black Panther with a single option, one that goes against the sacred decrees of his people-to ask for help from outsiders. And so he turns to--- The Avengers - Captain America. Iron Man. Thor. Giant Man. Wasp. And the Incredible Hulk. These mightiest of heroes have battled the aliens before, and barely survived. They thought it was over. They were wrong.


The Invincible Iron Man - DVD (2007)

Available Now: The Invincible Iron Man - DVD (2007)

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Special Features
Alternate opening sequence
"The Origins of Iron Man" featurette
The Hall of Iron Man Armor
Iron Man Concept Art
A Look at Doctor Strange
Trailer gallery

Product Description
While raising the ruins of a buried Chinese kingdom, billionaire inventor Tony Stark digs up far more than he bargained for. He unleashes an age-old prophecy that foretells the resurrection of the Mandarin, the emperor of China's darkest and most violent dynasty. In order to confront the destructive force, Tony creates an armored suit infused with high-tech weaponry. To stop the evil that he himself has raised form the earth, Tony must become his greatest invention ever, "Iron Man!" The newly born champion must travel to the four corners of the earth to battle the Mandarin's henchmen, four magical warriors who harness the power of the elements - earth, water, wind, and fire - with deadly chemistry.