Monday, November 28, 2011

Xena: Warrior Princess, Soundtrack Volume Six : Original Television Soundtrack

Available Now: Xena: Warrior Princess, Soundtrack Volume Six : Original Television Soundtrack 2-CD Collection

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Condition: NEW!

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Track Listing:

Disc: 1

 1. Fallen Angel: With the Angels
 2. Fallen Angel: Battling Archangels
 3. Fallen Angel: Go To Them
 4. Fallen Angel: Body Snatch
 5. Fallen Angel: Resistance
 6. Fallen Angel: Gab's Trial
 7. Fallen Angel: They're Coming
 8. Fallen Angel: Back From The Dead
 9. Ides of March: She'll Be Here
 10. Ides of March: Callisto In Hell
 11. Ides of March: Way Of Pain
 12. Ides of March: Keep Coming
 13. God Fearing Child: End of Days
 14. The Ring Trilogy: The Ring
 15. The Ring Trilogy: Valhalla
 16. The Ring Trilogy: On A Cow
 17. The Ring Trilogy: Up The Rhein
 18. The Ring Trilogy: Rhein Maidens
 19. The Ring Trilogy: Out of Options
 20. The Ring Trilogy: The Kiss
 21. The Ring Trilogy: Return of the Rheingold
 22. Pas De Deux Femmes, dance cue
 23. You Will Dance, dance cue

Disc: 2

 1. Friends In Need: Sounds of War
 2. Friends In Need: To The Rising Sun
 3. Friends In Need: Sounds of Life and Death
 4. Friends In Need: Snow Falling On Ceders
 5. Friends In Need: Burning Higuchi
 6. Friends In Need: Die Demon
 7. Friends In Need: Reality of Dreams
 8. Friends In Need: Xena vs. Yodishi
 9. Return To Chin
 10. The Power of the Book
 11. Secret of the Powder
 12. Haulin' To The North
 13. The Mausoleum
 14. It's Over
 15. Love Is A Weapon
 16. United In Love
 17. Joxer The Mighty, song
 18. The Play's The Thing, song
 19. A Woman's A Natural Thing
 20. Miss Known World, song
 21. A Day In The Life
 22. A Day In The Life
 23. Catching Fish
 24. Up In The Trees
 25. Things In Common
 26. Things In Common
 27. Down The Valley
 28. Down The Valley
 29. Neighbor Lady
 30. Smelling Mortality


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