Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sea of Dreams - Luis Bacalov [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Available Now: Sea of Dreams - Luis Bacalov [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - NEW!

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Track Listings :

1. Sea of Dreams - Luis Bacalov
2. Grecia's Childhood
3. First Kiss
4. Nurka's Pain
5. Hidden Port (includes "Cumbia Y Vacilon")
6. Flirting In The Glass Shop / A Vision In The Market
7. Grecia Belongs To The Sea
8. The Color Of The Water / Dreaming Of The Future
9. La Victoria / Betrayal / A Menacing Sea
10. Celebration Of The Cross (includes "Ay Que Bonita Es La Vida")
11. The Love Of The Sea
12. Wishing On A Kite
13. The Dead Are Coming Home
14. Bolero Of The Dead
15. A Beach Full Of Fallen Stars
16. Like Old Times
17. Nurka's Tears
18. The Best Day In A Long Time (includes "El Vaiven De La Vida")
19. We Go Together Or We Stay Together / A Promise Of Love And Freedom
20. The Secret
21. Black Day / An Angry Sea
22. A Sky Full Of Stars / Grecia's Destiny


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