Friday, August 19, 2011

Tunnels (Book 1) [HC] Roderick Gordon

AVAILABLE NOW: Tunnels (Book 1) [Hardcover] Roderick Gordon

ONLY: $5.99

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14-year-old Will Burrows has little in common with his strange, dysfunctional family. In fact, the only bond he shares with his eccentric father is a passion for archaeological excavation. So when his dad mysteriously vanishes, Will is compelled to dig up the truth behind his disappearance. He unearths the unbelievable: a subterranean society that time forgot. "The Colony" has existed unchanged for a century, but it's no benign time capsule of a bygone era. Because the Colony is ruled by a merciless overclass, the Styx. Will must free his father--is he also about to ignite a revolution?

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