Saturday, December 18, 2010

Madman Adventures Collection by Mike Allerd

AVAILABLE NOW: Madman Adventures Collection Mike Allerd
NEW! Item in excellent condition. No torn or ripped pages.
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Mike Allred is the influential creator of Madman Comics, Red Rocket 7, and The Atomics, and is currently the artist on Marvel Comics` controversial hit series, X-Force. When the first Madman comic debuted in 1992, it instantly changed the face of independent comic books. Allred’s bold line work and quirky food-processor approach to pop culture were breaths of fresh air. Additionally, he was part of the Legend creative collective that included Frank Miller and Mike Mignola, and has branched out into independent filmmaking and alternative music. He currently is finishing up his self-published Atomics series while continuing his duties on X-Force, planning future projects, and raising three children with his wife, Laura Allred, who also colors his comics.



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